About Us

International Jet Fighter Race pilot Captain Mark Pracy has provided thousands of dream flights for many  Top Gun passengers from Melbourne, as a professional low level Jet Airshow Display Pilot and Flight Instructor we are always looking for something new. Our latest venture is racing in the Fastest Motor Sport on Earth, the Reno Air Races in the Nevada Desert. Mark is only Australian pilot certified to race the L39 in America’s prestigious aviation race.  Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Squadron Leader Phil Frawley is leading the Charge when it comes to Jet fighter operations with a full career as a fighter pilot flying the FA/18 Hornet and Mirage Fighter for the Royal Australia Air Force. Phil has also flown the  mighty Mig21 and Mig 15 combat interceptors,with Phill’s experience he can take you where only military combat pilots go “to the edge of your imagination”.